Thursday, 1 September 2011

UFC 135: Rampage Jackson vs. Jon Jones - Brutal Power and Experience vs Fantasy, and Unique Skills ... Who Will Win This Fight ??

After I smoked my evening blunt, I checked whats going on, on Facebook, and this brilliant website which is helping me in getting many information gave me another great idea to write a post hehehe.
So roll up your spliff, blaze up, take a puff and have a look on this short article

UFC today released official trailer to Light Heavyweight title fight between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Jon "Bones" Jones ... and what can I say hmmm ???

Trailer is very cool, more interesting than most I've seen before from UFC releases and I want to see this fight, and seriously can't wait for it right now, but let's get to the point ...

You can watch trailer on YouTube on video under:

Rampage is a legend, and everybody have to agree with that, he's very experienced, brutal, strong, and have quite good technique ... yes he's as well lazy and don't prepare for his fights, his behaviour is sometimes annoying, or you can even say stupid but from what I see except of Rashad Evans, he is the only person that can beat Jon Jones right now.
Yes !!! now we cans say many things against my way of thinking, but true is that if Rampage will take his training camp seriously, he is completely different fighter than we seen in last two of his fights, and is able to Dominate or KO anybody in UFC, including Heavyweights.
His power, and experience is dangerous for everybody and that's what Jones have to remember about, so let's say couple of things about him.

Jon "Bones" Jones, is on his run ... and he's not planing to stop.
Brilliant physical conditions, longest reach in whole UFC, but especially his wrestling skills which helped him to completely dominate everybody who was on his way including previous champion Shogun Rua who get completely humiliated by youngster from Greg Jacksons pack. All this things plus incredible amount of always impressive Jones creativity in the time of fight, are waiting for Rampage in his next fight, but why I'm writing just have a look on video under :

so question is coming to my head, who the hell will win that fight ???

and ...

Unfortunately I don't know ... Maybe fantastic Jon Jones ??? or maybe "Old Fox" Jackson, but only in case of his very hard training ??? Personally I support Jackson, but still Jones is the favourite of this fight and everybody have to respect him and his skills. But wait a minute, there is one more person in here ...

Dana White! Yes! Dana White will be the biggest winner...

This fight and marketing potential that it's coming after, only if someone will use his head can produce millions of USD income, but I'm pretty sure that White know about it, same as he knows how to promote his product everywhere, and always give best quality show which is making profit. Proof of that you can see by yourself if you will watch UFC 135 at September 24, 2011

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